Development smart-contract &
Investor`s dashboard (Client Portal)

for 4 days from $1500 and $2000
JS/Node, Python, C++, Solidity, Ethereum/NEO/EOS/Graphene
Development of smart-contracts ICO, $1500
Create your token and crowdsale-contract for ICO. We will call you in Skype, prepare the terms of reference for 4 days and make up the video "how to test your contract". Also we can develop the smart contracts for your bloсkchain project, distributed registry of transactions, shareholders and digital assets.
Smart-contract audit, $500
Prepare to be listed on the exchange or do you want to check out the developers? We'll test functionality, control the critical errors on 5 indicators, conduct unit tests and point out the vulnerabilities and ways how to fixe them, provide a report in text (suitable for exchange) and video format. If you want to save your money from hackers, you should audit.
Investor's dashboard (Client Portal), $2000
We'll help you to realize something that it is impossible to do by smart-contract. Take not only ETH, but any other crypto-currencies and fiat money, do airdrop, affiliate-program, give the unique wallets to investors, show the number of investments and tokens, automation of Whitelist, KYC, SAFT and much more.
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KYC/AML for ICO, $0.8 per person
We provide a KYC/AML-service for ICO with the highest requirements of the legislation of the country of residence (for example, GDPR). We obey the laws and encrypt the data. Our convenient interface will pleasantly surprise you. KYC is no longer a problem for you.
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Payments gateway, 0.5%
We connect the reception of payments in Bitcoin and TOP-10 crypto currency for ICO and online services / stores. Provide your customers with a convenient payment method and instantly receive BTC, ETH, USDTether or fiat money on the account.
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Fork of the crypto currency
We will take as a basis the crypto currency you like and improve it according to your task.
Development MVP, Yellow paper, finalizing the concept of your project
We can develop MVP of your project or Testnet on one of the popular blockchain (Ethereum, Graphene, NEO, EOS, etc.), and also refine the Yellow Paper. This will help attract the first major investors.
Our team has fundamental knowledge in cryptography, programming, mathematics, and physics. Therefore, in about a week, we can study the documentation of any blockchain / protocol and get down to work. Our employees are graduates of physics and mathematics Universities, specializing in cryptography and software protection.

Our smart-contracts can

Several stages (Private-sale, Pre-sale, Sale), with the ability to manually change the dates and make a pause
Discounts and bonuses for early investors
The ability to accept payment in USD and BTC
Capability to send tokens manually on any wallet (bounty campaign, advisers, marketing, etc.)
Locking out tokens on investors' wallets until you decide to unlock them
The ability to change the price of token if necessary
Multi-signature of the contract (the hackers will not get your money)
The opportunity to make airdrop (discussed separately)
The minimum and maximum limit for contributions for each stage
Instant transfer of funds to your wallet (if necessary)
Burning of unsold tokens
Refund to investors (if softcap is not collected)
The maximum limit on the release of tokens
Listing on GitHub and
You do not understand anything in smart-contracts? We will record for you personal video of how to properly use and test your smart-contract and you will immediately understand everything.
Leadership team
Andrew Shishkin
CTO GetSmart. Blockchain development, smart-contracts and trading solutions. Advisor at ICO MPCX.CO and KIMERA.AI
I am Head of international development team, which consists of cryptographers and blockchain-developers. Our team with a strong research and academic background in physics, mathematics specializing in cryptography, software protection and development.

Kirill Redin
Blockchain developer, investor, tech advisor ICO
Very soon, the blockchain will enter all spheres of human life. In hospitals, you will have an electronic medical card based on a blockchain, entrepreneurs will conduct transactions on the basis of blockchain, even the data of your passport will be in the blockchain. Therefore, today we are developing together with technology and offer the best solutions to our customers.
Photos from blockchain-conferences
We try to attend various blockchain-conferences at least once a month in order to stay in the trend of new technologies, update our knowledge, adopt the experience of other developers and projects, understand the needs of our customers and thus make the best products for you.
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