Smart contract from $800,
DeFi from $1500,
Interface for smart contract from $1000,
audit of a smart contract from $500

Telegram: @andr2610 | Skype: matisse2610
Solidity, JS/Node, PHP/Laravel, Ethereum/TRON
Developing smart contracts for DeFi, ICO, referral programs, fintech, from $800
We'll create your token and a crowdsale contract for the ICO. We'll communicate through Skype, draw up a task together, develop in 4 days, and record a video "How to test your specific contract". We also develop contracts for blockchain projects, distributed transaction registers, shareholders and digital assets.
Audit of a smart contract, $500
For those about to enter the exchange or willing to test the developers, we will test the features, check for critical errors using 5 indicators, run unit tests, find vulnerabilities and explain how to fix them, provide a report in a text format (suitable for exchanges) and a video. If you want to save your money from hackers, you need to conduct an audit.
Interface for smart contract (Back Office), from $1000
We will help embody something that cannot be done through a smart contract. Accept not only ETH but also any other cryptocurrencies and fiat money, launch airdrop and affiliate programs, provide investors with unique wallets, display the amount of investments and tokens, automate Whitelist/KYC, and much more.
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Developing MVP, Yellow paper, finalizing the concept of your project
We can develop the MVP for your project or a Testnet on one of the popular blockchains (Ethereum, Graphene, NEO, EOS, etc.), and finalize a Yellow paper. This will help attract the first major investors.
Our team has fundamental knowledge of cryptography, programming, computer security, math and physics. This is why we can examine the documentation of any blockchain/protocol in about 1-2 weeks and start working on your project. Our employees graduated from major physics and mathematics universities specializing in cryptography and software protection.

What our smart contracts can do

Several stages (Private sale, Pre-sale, Sale), where dates can be changed manually and the contract can be paused
Discounts and bonuses for early investors
Availability to accept payments in USD and BTC
Sending tokens manually to any wallet (bounty campaign, advisors, marketing, etc.)
Freezing tokens in the wallets of investors until you decide to unfreeze them
Ability to change the token price if necessary
Multi-signature contract (hackers will not get your money)
Ability to launch airdrop (discussed separately)
Limiting the minimum and maximum contributions for each stage
Instant transfer of funds to your wallet (if necessary)
Burning the unsold tokens
Return of funds to investors (if the softcap has not been reached)
The maximum limit for the token issuance
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You understand nothing in smart contracts? We will record a personal video for you, where we tell you how to test and use your specific contract. After that, everything will become clear for you.
Andrew Shishkin
Telegram: @andr2610
CTO GetSmart. Blockchain development, smart-contracts and trading solutions. Advisor at ICO MPCX.CO
I am Head of international development team, which consists of cryptographers and blockchain-developers. Our team with a strong research and academic background in physics, mathematics specializing in cryptography, software protection and development.

Kirill Redin
Blockchain developer, investor, tech advisor ICO
Very soon, the blockchain will enter all spheres of human life. In hospitals, you will have an electronic medical card based on a blockchain, entrepreneurs will conduct transactions on the basis of blockchain, even the data of your passport will be in the blockchain. Therefore, today we are developing together with technology and offer the best solutions to our customers.
Photos from blockchain-conferences
We do our best to attend various blockchain conferences at least once a month to follow the trend in new technologies, update our knowledge, adopt the experience of other developers and projects, understand the needs of our customers and thus develop the best products for you.