Smart contract &
Investor`s dashboard

in just 4 days from $1,500 and $2,000
Cliet Portal for ICO by "GetSmart" - your money and your clients' data under triple security

Client Portal "GetSmart" for ICO is

Integration of your smart-contract with our Client Portal
Partnership with the largest KYC-providers (you do not need to store personal data on your server)
Flexible settings to enable and disable Whitelis/KYC and start/end ICO
3 levels of protection for your data
Possibility to conduct Private Sale on the basis of our Client Portal
Change of stages ICO (Private Sale, PreICO, ICO)
The ability to manually add tokens
Change the color palette, fonts, all texts, links, logo in a convenient admin panel
The history of user transactions and the balance of the tokens
Token cost calculator
Information about the price of the token is updated online
Buying tokens in ETH and TOP-10 crypto-currency (BTC, LTC, etc.)
Possibility of payment in TOP-10 crypto-currency (BTC, LTC, etc.)
Exporting Data to XLS and CSV
Our KYC/AML in accordance with the highest requirements of the legislation of the country-resident (eg. GDPR).
Guaranteed protection against burglary and technical support at all stages of the ICO
Monitor all users in your Control Panel
Get all the information on Whitelist, KYC, investment volumes and much more. Mark the filter of all those who have not yet passed KYC and send them a reminder or write a thank you letter to major investors.
We will send a link and access to your e-mail
Customized for you
Whitelist и KYC by GetSmart
Connection of the Ethereum smart-contract. Purchase your ERC20 in ETH
The history of user transactions and the balance of the tokens. Immediate balance display after purchase
Possibility to conduct Private Sale
Change of stages ICO (Private Sale, PreICO, ICO): manually and automatically
The ability to manually add tokens
Token cost calculator
Users report XLS and CSV
Your Control Panel
The ability to change the text of email notifications in the Control panel
Consultations, answers to questions, technical support at all stages ICO
Design dashboard according to your site. Module for changing the color palette, fonts, icons, text, links, logo, etc.
Replacement of our KYC/AML-provider on your
Acceptance of payment for ordinary wallets (BTC, BCH, LTC, etc.): software automatically analyze your wallets and update the balance of "tokens" in the investor's dashboard
Connection of the crypto-currency gateway: possibility of payment in the TOP-10 crypto-currency
Connecting a smart-contract / token another blockchain: WAVES, NEM, Wanchain, etc.
Multilanguage. Unlimited number of languages.
Signing SAFT for investors through an electronic signature
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