Smart contract from $800,
DeFi from $1500,
Interface for smart contract from $1000,
audit of a smart contract from $500

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The reasons for the popularity of ICO

ICO project became so popular thanks to crypto currency boom. It started immediately after Bitcoin has been created. Development of smart contracts started together with ICO creation. Breakthroughs in such technologies have not been since the appearance of the first IPhone.

Crypto currency managed to fill this emptiness. With their help a new round of development of technological progress began. Creating smart contract and active capitalization of Bitcoins (in 2017 there were over 100 000 000 000 dollars) started. That is why these coins are important in our time. Many people believe that crypto currency is considered to be our future. That is why crowdfunding began on this background, representing ICO.

People, who develop ICO, followed the principle of primary monetary proposals. This is a very convenient option that enables to implement different ideas. Launch of crypto currency startup does not imply crediting, performing audits and search of guarantees. Just need to make writing of smart contracts, to collaborate with people on favorable terms for everyone.

Many startup teams have been established by ambitious young people who have a lot of interesting ideas. They collect investments for their projects using ICO program. In this situation, success can be achieved even without initial capital.

Nowadays, ICO has established itself as an excellent source for attracting investments. But it is worth remembering that not all projects can be called successful. Before you invest money in ICO, carefully examine the particular ideas. Also smart contract is important for ICO; after all, it is the key to safe and transparent transactions.

While investors continue to count their money and profit, startups attract new investors; the rest of the world actively forms an opinion about ICO. In 2017 in China and South Korea the barrier for monetary offerings was set. These countries have banned this type of crowdfunding due to its inexpediency.

The future of ICO depends on regulation system. You need to enter basic rules that will supervise the work. But it is better to create a platform of general type in order to get the changes immediately. We hope that they will lead to the positive side rather than bring trouble.