Smart contract from $800,
DeFi from $1500,
Interface for smart contract from $1000,
audit of a smart contract from $500

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Why use smart contracts? What it gives?

Development of smart contracts is an important stage in the development of modern technology. Such programs have a lot advantages.

1. Autonomy. Creating smart contract allowed people to conclude all the necessary agreements. Now you don't need to look for a broker, contact the bank or notary. Confirmation of transaction assurance occurs automatically. In addition, manipulation by intermediaries are completely excluded that will save you time, energy and finances.

2. Safety and trust. Writing smart contracts involves encryption of all key data. Documents will not reach third parties, since they are stored in Blockchain. Thanks to a few hundred duplicates important papers cannot be lost. Blockchain also protects documents from hacker attacks.

3. Efficiency. We recommend to order smart contract, if you value your time. This is because working with paper documents takes a few days. Programming smart contracts gives the ability to automate key tasks. You don't have to participate in business processes, because manual labor is almost completely excluded.

4. Savings. Smart contract which cost is available will allow saving your own finances. You don't have to pay the intermediaries whose services cost a lot. Often the value of the transaction, certified by a notary, exceeds $100. Remember that you should verify every transaction carried out by the specialist. That is why it is better to make smart contract that will avoid unplanned expenses.

5. Accuracy. Automated contracts are fast, cheap and most accurate. If you know how the smart contract operates, you can understand that it avoids the various errors that can occur during manual filling of the document. The absence of the human factor makes each transaction the most accurate.

As you can see, smart contract to order will save a lot of time, efforts and money. Using automated documents your company will get a chance for a stable development.